Put These Container Gardening Ideas To Work!

Creative container gardening ideas are limited only by your imagination. Just about any container that can hold soil can be used to grow your plants.

Your containers of choice can be clay pots or wooden window boxes, old watering cans overflowing with blooms or plastic hanging baskets. Whether clay, stoneware, plastic, wood or concrete, plants will grow in all of them quite happily. All that is required is making sure each container is equipped for proper drainage.

Container Gardening Ideas For Portable Pots

The mobility of containers promotes some very practical container gardening ideas. If your tomatoes do poorly on your back step in the afternoon, simply move them to your sunny deck. When the ferns are getting too much sun, simply reposition them so they get the shade they prefer.

Try hiding unsightly areas around your home with planted pots and hanging baskets. And container gardening ideas don't need to stop in the winter – try planting hardy heathers for a splash of color in cold weather.

Picture-perfect container gardening ideas can happen best when you group pots. To design your grouping, try different sizes of containers but keep a continuous theme such as pot design and colors. Then try to match the pot color and type with the surroundings in which it will be placed.

Most plants that you grow in a garden can be grown in containers. Choose the right size of container for each plant selected. Just make sure sufficient space is allowed for the plants to grow proper roots.

Container Gardening Ideas Create Pots with Personality!

Anything goes, so pick what suits your personality best. And don't limit yourself to what you can buy. Old watering cans, boots, wheel barrows, even cement blocks can be made into containers.

Basically, the type of container you use will determine how often you'll need to water your container garden. The clay and terra-cotta pots are porous and will dry out quickly, while glazed, plastic or metal pots hold moisture longer.

Container Gardening Ideas for Annuals

Containers brimming with colorful annuals are perfect for softening strong architectural lines. Clusters of annuals in pots will brighten up dull spots in need of warmth and color, such as steps and driveways.

Annuals enjoy full sun or partial shade. Medium-size, low-growing and trailing annuals often look the best. For maximum effect when using small containers, fill them with one type of annual. For mixed arrangements, try using large, wide containers. Put the low growers in front of the taller plants, the same as with your flower bed.

Perennials in Containers? Great Idea!

Design container gardening with perennials just like you would annuals. Use as big a pot as possible to take care of their large root systems. Perennials provide super container gardening ideas for shady spots. Many perennials such as hostas, coral bells, and lamiums will flourish in shade, while annuals will not.

Planted along with shrubs, ivies look terrific in containers. They will trail over the sides and soften any hard lines. Most low-growing perennials such as baby's breath, candytuft, crocus, iris and hyacinth are suitable but they tend to die down in winter.

For a charming way to embellish your patio or deck, try these vegetable container gardening ideas for delicious results.


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