Bronze Garden Sculptures -
An Artistic Touch
To Garden Decor

Bronze garden sculptures are wonderful additions to any garden, yard or patio. It's fun and easy to set your "theme" for lawn and garden decor with bronze landscape statues. Make it classical or whimsical, antique or contemporary, formal or folksy!

Bronze garden statuary can be found in a grand array of designs and uses. Bronze garden sculptures often double as outdoor garden  fountains, in the form of people, animals, sea-life, and mythical figures. You can choose from free standing garden fountains or wall fountains to suit your individual taste.

Get Creative With Bronze
Garden Statuary!

It's easy to be creative with such an amazing choice of garden sculptures. The themes of bronze art can range from children playing on a swing or sitting on a bench, to magnificent lions guarding the entrance to an estate.

For instance, you might try decorating your garden with bronze statues of angels and saints. Animal sculpture blends in wonderfully with gardens... such as deer, rabbits, geese and ducks, or perhaps a frolicking horse prancing near your garden!

Life-size sports figures have become an increasingly popular form of bronze garden sculptures... it's fun to see a life-like golfer in mid-swing in a secluded part of your lawn, or a child playing soccer near your patio.

The Value of Bronze Garden Sculptures

Decorating with bronze garden statuary is a great investment due to its natural toughness and resistance to rust. Extreme temperatures will not affect bronze sculptures - in fact, bronze weathers quite well and takes on a well-worn attractiveness with age.

Bronze garden statuary can be small or life-sized, of any subject. Prices will range from quite affordable to very expensive works of art. Smaller, mass-produced bronze garden sculptures can be priced as low as $25 to $50, while larger, hand-crafted bronze landscape statues might start around $2000. These sculptures would surely be considered investments.

Skilled artisans are to be credited for the true craft of creating bronze garden statuary. These artists use the "lost wax" method of bronze casting, a very labor intensive, ancient practice that is still used today. The coloration of bronze artwork is applied by hand by the artists.

Bronze is a copper alloy and in the United States the minimum standard for bronze is 90% copper content. In fact, copper garden art is yet another wonderful form of lawn and garden decor.

As with any artistic purchase, consider the quality of materials and workmanship. In the end, owning high quality bronze garden sculptures will ensure your family will enjoy fine heirlooms for many generations to come.



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