A Gardener's List Of
Tree Types

As gardeners, our list of tree types generally consists of two categories of trees: Evergreen and Deciduous. We also want to pay attention to a list of tree types knows as flowering or ornamental trees.

This breakdown helps us decide what purpose each tree will serve in our landscape design, and ultimately which trees we wish to plant.

Evergreen Tree Types

Evergreen Trees have foliage that remain green throughout the year, growing new leaves before the old ones fall off.

A general list for tree types displaying our most familiar evergreens is

  • cypress
  • fir
  • holly
  • juniper
  • live oak
  • holly oak
  • pine
  • spruce
  • southern magnolia

Evergreens make wonderful privacy screens, borders, windbreaks and backdrops in your landscape design.

There are both needle-bearing and broadleaf evergreens, from towering, stately pines to ornamental container palm tree types.

For example, most of us are familiar with the bristly needles of a fir or pine tree; on the other hand, palm tree types can have either feather-shaped or fan-shaped leaves.

Deciduous Tree Types

Deciduous Trees shed their foliage at the end of each growing season, and are "leafless" for a part of the year.

Deciduous trees also range from tall and mighty to dwarf size. The large trees serve wonderfully as shade providers, and can literally frame your yard with a canopy of colors in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter, the sunlight cascades through the leafless branches to warm and brighten your home.

The list for tree types for the large deciduous variety is quite long, but generally consists of very familiar trees such as

  • oak
  • maple
  • ash
  • beech
  • birch
  • gum
  • pecan
  • willow

Many smaller deciduous trees bring us breathtaking blooms in the spring and are referred to as flowering trees, or ornamental trees

A list of tree types for ornamentals should be in everyone's landscape plant guide!

Simply by planting flowering cherry trees or dogwoods to your landscape, you can create a scene of incredible natural beauty.

Here is a list of tree types highlighting some common small to medium-sized flowering trees. These trees will serve you well, whether you're landscaping small front lawns or designing elaborate lawn and garden plans. As always, you'll want to check your planting zones for best results. Remember to plan ahead with this list of tree types, to avoid planting mishaps such as starting young trees next to foundations, or planting them to close together.

List of Tree Types – Ornamental Trees

Name Height Characteristics
Callery Pear 20-35 feet White flowers in the spring, red foliage during the fall. Grows fast.
Crab Apple 15-20 feet White, red or pink flowers, bearing small fruit. Grows semi-fast.
Flowering Dogwood 20-35 feet Pink, white or yellow flowers bloom in spring. Growth is slow to medium.
Flowering Cherry Under 20 feet A non-fruiting tree, flowering blooms in pink or white.
Crape Myrtle 7-20 feet White, pink, red or lavender blooms. Fast growing trees and shrubs for screens.
Japanese Maple 10-15 feet Non-flowering, bearing vivid, deep-colored green, red, or red-green foliage. Grows slowly.
Redbud 15-30 feet White, purple, and pink blossoms in spring; large heart-shaped leaves. Growth is slow to medium.

There you have it, some of our favorite trees and shrubs. Did you notice the fruit trees above? Add beautiful, edible fruit trees to your list of tree types for your yard!

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