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When you need the occasional gardening tip or a bit of lawn care advice…  you’ll be glad to know we can help! We'll show you how to bring magical makeovers to your surroundings!


Flowers For Color

Plant flowers that bloom from spring to frost in vibrant colors. Get flower garden ideas and gardening tips to help you make the most of all types of flowers.

Flower Guide

Our flower guide is always in demand. Check out our guides to easy annuals and  perennials.

Easter Flowers
Easter flowers are a springtime favorite. When we say Easter flowers, we think of Easter lily bulbs. Use our care and planting tips for your Easter flowers.

Spring Flowers
Plant spring flowers that revive your senses! We'll show you some easy-to-grow perennial spring flowers to include in your garden plans. 

Tropical Flowers
Plant tropical flowers and give your garden an Island flair! To grow tropical flowers in your garden, here are some great tips to help them thrive.   

Learn Rose Gardening
Ready to learn rose gardening? Would you like to know all about pruning roses, preparing rose beds, types of roses to plant? Join us and learn how to grow beautiful, healthy roses, step by step.


The Orchid Flower
When you understand the attraction through the ages of the incredible orchid flower, you'll see why home gardeners love to grow them.

Easy Orchid Care
Caring for and growing orchids is not as hard as you think! Get the basics on how to grow these amazing flowers.

Grow Your Own Orchid Plants
Find out which orchid plants grow best for indoor planting and in growing-cases.


Gladiola Bulbs
Gladiola bulbs are everyone's favorite for summer gardens and bouquets of cut flowers. And they are so easy to grow - find out how to grow them in your garden!


The Herb Garden
When you plant an herb garden, you enjoy many benefits. Learn about herb garden landscaping. Grow culinary herbs, aromatic herbs, and ornamental herbs.   

Learn About Herb Gardening
You can learn about herb gardening in a snap! For beginning gardeners, the best way to learn about herb gardening is by starting with familiar herbs. We'll show you how.


Garden Decor to Suit Your Taste
Your garden decor is a personal statement, and should reflect your taste. Discover how lawn and garden décor can become formal or cozy. See which one is right for you!

Teak Garden Furniture
Teak garden furniture is the natural choice for garden yard décor. Unlike other woods, teak garden furniture will never degrade. A great investment for your lawn and garden.  

The Garden Trellis
A garden trellis adds the perfect touch to lawn and garden plans. We’ll show you how garden decor like a garden trellis or garden arbor completes the picture-perfect garden.   

Just Add Water...

Water Gardens
With the right water garden supplies, you'll be on your way to creating the perfect water garden design. Find out just what water garden supplies you need for the job.

Garden Fountains
Garden fountains add relaxing sounds and tranquility... and water fountain kits make installing outdoor garden water fountains a simple project.

Container Gardening

Container Gardening Basics
When space is scarce, container gardening saves the day! Try this popular, smart form of growing beautiful flowers and home grown vegetables.

Vegetable Container Gardening
Grow fresh, delicious veggies. Here's the "how-to" on vegetable container gardening, from what to plant to the containers to use.

More Container Gardening Ideas
We've got some great ideas for container gardening that you can put to use today. Your imagination is key!


Planting Times For Garden Vegetables
Did you know there are cool season and warm season veggies?  Find out how to determine what are the "safe" planting times for garden vegetables.

Raised Vegetable Garden Plants
The raised bed vegetable garden has become a favorite method of growing vegetables. It's a garden style that fits many situations, and is laden with benefits.

Organic Gardening

What is Organic Gardening?

The benefits of organic gardening are significant. Work with nature to grow the healthiest  vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers.

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer and compost builds the soil in your garden to become rich and fertile. The basis of organic gardening is to feed the soil naturally, rather than the plants growing in it synthetically.

Organic Herbs

Organic herbs are chock-full of healthy benefits for your kitchen and garden. Most herbs are simple to grow plus they have many hidden talents.


A Gardener's List of Tree Types
Decide what purpose each tree will serve in your landscape design, and ultimately which trees you wish to plant.

Watch Out For Trees Next To Foundations
As you undertake planting a new tree anywhere near your home, know how tall and wide it's apt to grow.

Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions
Following simple fruit tree pruning instructions will ensure your fruit trees enjoy good health, disease management, and better fruit yield. It is not difficult, and you'll get a real feel for how to prune fruit trees the more you work at it.


Get Lawn Care Help Here!
Receiving expert lawn care help is the best thing you can do for your lawn. Find everything you'll ever need to know about management practice for home lawns.

Easy Lawn Care
Instead of just going out there and doing what you think is right -- and you probably never get the results you want -- the Easy Lawn Care program bypasses all that and gives you a fast, easy way to either restore your existing lawn, or install a new one.

Grass Seed
Get the facts about grass seed for your lawn - Do you want a luxury lawn or utility lawn? Learn the seven stages of lawn preparation for planting grass seed.

About Lawn Mower Blades
Are dull lawn mower blades getting the best of you and your lawn? Keeping your lawn mower blades sharpened and protected from damage is key to a healthy yard. Find out more!


Landscaping Ideas
Landscaping ideas help you improve your yard and garden plans in a practical and aesthetic way. Put your home landscape designs and ideas to use with helpful tips and tools!

Landscape Designs
Create your landscape designs for both pleasure and purpose. Home landscape designs and ideas support your lifestyle and needs. We'll show you how!

Landscaping Software
Landscaping Software makes lawn care and landscaping ideas easy to do. Patio, deck, landscape designs, lawn and garden plans — make them come alive in minutes even if you have no drawing skill at all.


Bronze Garden Sculptures
It's fun and easy to set your "theme" for lawn and garden decor with bronze garden sculptures. They're wonderful additions to any garden, yard or patio.

Copper Garden Art
This art form features beautiful ornaments, sculptures, chimes, and much more. Handcrafted from pure copper, copper garden art develops a rich, natural patina over time.

All About Greenhouses

Greenhouse Kits
Greenhouse kits are ideal for seed starting and season extending. Create your own private microclimate with backyard greenhouse kits.

Greenhouse Supplies
What are the most essential greenhouse supplies you need? Just follow our guide. Use our checklist as you shop for your greenhouse supplies or greenhouse kits.

Greenhouse Production of Perennial Plants
Consider greenhouse production of perennial plants for establishing strong, healthy perennial beds that will last for decades! Greenhouse production of perennial plants is on the rise, find out why.

Our Easy Book Series

Online Gardening Books
Our online gardening books belong in the home of every gardener! Complete with pictures and charts, and supported by years of experience, lawn care and gardening secrets have never been so easy to understand.

Easy Lawn Care E-Book
Lawn Owners! Learn about planting grass seed, grass types, backyard landscaping, lawn disorders and more! Discover everything about management practice for home lawns with our Easy Lawn Care e-book.

Easy Rose Gardening E-Book
Learn how to grow amazing, healthy roses! The all-time best rose gardening guide you'll ever find.

USDA Hardiness and Planting Zones

Planting Zones
What planting zone are you in? Find out! Use our planting zone map as your plant and flower guide for great lawn and garden results! 

Lawn and Garden Resources

Gardening Resources
Imagine the best gardening resources all in one place! I've put together a series of excellent garden-related links for fast, easy access to the latest and best gardening information.

Contact Us!
Contact us at Lawn-And-Gardening-Tips for garden and lawn care help you can put to use today!

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