Greenhouse Kits -
The Gardening Hobby that Keeps On Growing

Greenhouse kits are gardening's fastest growing hobby. With greenhouse gardening, you get to start the seeds you choose. You basically control your growing environment. Greenhouse kits make this gardening hobby affordable.

Greenhouses are peaceful retreats that allow you to grow your favorite plants year-round. They provide the perfect way to protect your flowers and plants in the winter. A greenhouse makes the ideal environment for seed starting and season extending

Get an early start on your spring flowers and bedding plants. A well-designed greenhouse can produce fresh veggies, flowers, even start a little business! Keep your tropical flowers alive and healthy through the winter.

Greenhouse Kits Come In Every Size

Mini Greenhouse Kits:

The smallest "mini" kits are portable grow racks that are easy to assemble or dismantle for storage. Grow racks are ideal for extending the growing season in the spring and fall. You can place them almost anywhere... on decks, patios, or indoors next to a sunny window.

Portable Greenhouse Kits:

Portable kits are handy when you need a bit more room, yet they give you the option of dismantling when you don't need them.

Portable kits are a super way to protect your tender shrubs and perennial plants against damaging winter cold and wind. They are also perfect for starting plants. You can easily to set up portable kits on any soil or hard surface.

Permanent Greenhouse Kits:

The large kits are intended to be permanent structures. Most of them feature the ability to add on for future expansion. Many of the permanent kits, although large and impressive, are fairly easy to assemble.  Step-by-step assembly videos are often included.

Large kits feature heavy-duty frames made of aluminum, steel or wood. The construction of these greenhouse kits should always be made to battle the elements. They should accommodate snow loads of up to 50 lbs per square foot and 95 mph winds.

Design features of the kits can be freestanding, or lean-to models which can be attached to a home or other structure. Some models are quite basic looking, while others get downright fancy!

Vegetable Growing With
Greenhouse Kits

The temperature you set for your greenhouse is entirely dependant on the type of vegetables you are growing. You can insure the proper growth of your veggies so you can harvest all year long!

Peppers, cucumbers, beans, eggplant, melons, squash, onions, and of course, tomatoes, do quite well in a greenhouse. Carrots, lettuce and radishes can also be grown inside.

If you live in an area with a short growing season, the cool weather can come along just as warm weather crops like tomatoes and peppers would be at their peak. With  greenhouses, you extend your short season so you can enjoy fresh vegetables longer.

Organic Hydroponic Greenhouses

More and more popular are organic hydroponic greenhouses for growing vegetables. It simply means growing plants without soil! You can grow hydroponically in a peat moss media, sand, gravel, rice hulls, or in just plain water... with nutrients added of course.

To get an idea of organic hydroponic greenhouses, imagine plants placed in a polyethylene tube that has slits cut in the plastic where the roots are inserted. A nutrient solution is pumped through this tube, bathing the roots.

Kits for hydroponic greenhouses are available everywhere. Just remember, organic hydroponic greenhouses will require some type of automation to supply water.

Greenhouses, both traditional or hydroponic, make it fun and easy to keep your plants and veggies growing all season. And don't forget about herbs... a greenhouse herb garden works very nicely for the chef who needs a constant supply of fresh herbs!

Of course, greenhouse supplies are readily available through garden centers and catalogs. See our checklist of greenhouse kits and greenhouse supplies for the beginning greenhouse hobbyist!



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