Copper Garden Art Creates A Garden Of Delights!

Copper garden art is a captivating, fresh approach to lawn and garden decorations. This art form features beautiful ornaments, sculptures, chimes, and much more. Handcrafted from pure copper, the pieces develop a rich, natural patina over time.

Copper Yard Art Brings Form To Function

One fascinating form of copper garden art is the rain chain. This art form originated in Japan many years ago as a practical way to collect and channel rainwater. As garden decor, rain chains are valued for their charm and the tranquil sound of cascading water.

Rain chains are decorative funnels or rings that are linked together in different artistic designs. The rain flows through the copper sections, and is guided to water different potted plants or flower beds in your garden. You can usually adjust the chains to whatever size you wish.

Another extremely popular use of copper garden art is the garden fountain. You can also find beautiful hand-made sundials and birdbaths for your copper garden collection.

Kinetic Copper Garden Art...
A Moving Experience!

Another type of copper yard art interacts with the wind in a wonderful spirit of design. Known as "kinetic" copper yard art, each art piece dances and twirls in the air currents.

These spellbinding wind sculptures are both lively and soothing to watch. Energized by garden breezes, copper garden art captures your attention and arouses your curiosity.

Each individual sculpture begins with an artist's concept. The copper is hand-cut, soldered and welded to produce a beautiful, long lasting sculpture. Most often, the sculptures are sealed with an acrylic enamel.

The resulting kinetic copper garden art displays independent, moving shapes that capture gentle garden breezes. Some of the best works of copper yard art I've come across have been wonderful designs of both familiar and abstract forms. For example...

  • A delightfully designed fish sculpture created so the jointed body of the fish moves freely with the slightest breeze.

  • A sailboat with sails that blow and billow captivatingly in the wind... all of copper.

  • A wonderful whirligig that plays and glistens in the sun, and spins and whirls in the breeze. The movement is like a gyroscope as the sculpture takes on a random yet graceful spinning motion in the wind.


You can also find more traditional, free-standing garden sculptures created of copper, and usually these are a bit smaller than your bronze garden sculptures.



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