Planting Grass Seed?
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Planting the right grass seed for your lawn can be confusing given the large selection of brands, vendors, and turf grass types available. The type of lawn you want will ultimately decide the seed mixture that's best for you.

Planting grass seed? Get our Easy Lawn Care program.The main decision you have when selecting grass seed is whether you want a luxury lawn or a utility lawn. If there is steady traffic on the lawn, then yours is a utility lawn.

It must be able to withstand constant wear and tear of the average household. Seed for this type of lawn is predominantly a broad leaved grass.

If you desire the elegant look of a luxury lawn, your seed will be composed of fine leaved compact grasses.

Before buying any seed mixtures, find out what types of grass seed to grow in your planting zones. Other factors to consider when selecting a seed mixture for your lawn is the level of maintenance you are planning. Will your lawn be irrigated or non-irrigated? Consider how much shade or sun your lawn gets. If you have heavy shade covering your lawn, it may be worthwhile to plant shade resistant seed.

Getting Your Lawn Site Ready For Planting Grass Seed

There are seven stages that go into lawn preparation, each one just as important as the next:

  • Groundwork

  • Leveling and grading

  • Drainage

  • Digging the site

  • Breaking down the surface soil and firming the site

  • Cultivating the site

  • The bolts and braces stage

Once these stages are complete, your lawn will be ready for sowing your chosen seed. Just one more thing before planting  seed... make sure the conditions are right for sowing. The soil should be moist, and the weather mild and without wind. It's also ideal to have rain in the forecast.

Calculate the area of your lawn and buy the approximate weight of seed you need. When planting seed, allow for a sowing rate of 1½ ounce per square yard.

We Wrote The Book On
Grass Seed

All of these steps, and much more, are covered in our easy to follow and entertaining e-book on lawn care help. Complete with pictures, charts, and years of experience, lawn care has never been so easy to understand. Planning for new lawn care, renovating an existing lawn, it's all there. Planting seed or laying sod is explained in wonderfully simple detail. Learn how to combat lawn diseases and pests, too. The green, vibrant lawn you'll learn to create will be second to none!

Of course, the wonderful results (depending how you look at it) of planting a terrific stand of seed is... you get to mow the grass! Did you know certain grasses will dull your lawn mower blades? This can make your yard look "brown" the next day.

With all the efforts you put into planting seed and new lawn care, that's definitely not the outcome you want! Find out the smart way to care for your lawn mower blades... and keep your grass growing green and strong.


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