Greenhouse Supplies Checklist

What are the most essential greenhouse supplies you need? Just follow our guide. As you shop for your supplies, be sure to check each item off the list!

Greenhouse Supplies For Hobby Greenhouse Kits

Thermometer:  One of the most important supplies is a min/max thermometer. This shows and records the high and low temps in the greenhouse each day. You can also get thermometers that record highs and lows for humidity.

Exhaust fan ventilation system:  This is one of the most essential supplies. This usually consists of a fan setup that blows hot air out of the greenhouse and brings in fresh cooler air inside the greenhouse. This occurs through intake shutters mounted on the opposite end. Many greenhouse kits are supplied with natural ventilation, using roof vents and rear vents. These can be automated with automatic vent openers.

Heating system:  The choice of a heating system and fuel depends largely on what you’re growing. If you're using your greenhouse kit to start seedlings and root cuttings in the spring, additional heating may not be necessary. An electric heater is efficient and easy to install. Small gas or oil heaters will also work well for hobby greenhouse kits.

Greenhouse heating cooling controller:  One of the supplies you must have is a safety feature for automatic overheat controls. Protect your greenhouse heating cooling controller from direct contact with sunlight and water. To get the desired temperature, place your thermostats at plant height near the center of the greenhouse, so they're not influenced by drafts or frigid outside temperatures.

Misting and fog systems:  These greenhouse supplies are so important in hot climates. Misting systems help cool greenhouses with a fine mist that lowers air temperatures when it evaporates. Greenhouse supplies for misting and fogging have a variety of uses. They maintain the right humidity level of 50% to 70%.

Shading:  Shade covers are a great way to keep greenhouse kits cool during long hot summers. They block much of the sun's rays from entering the greenhouse which can reduce temperatures over 20%.

Flooring:  You may not consider your flooring materials as greenhouse supplies, but you’d be surprised how important it is! The floor of your greenhouse should form a firm, nonskid surface for walking, be easy to clean, and be durable enough to withstand constant moisture and dirt. Materials used for greenhouse walkways include stone, gravel, concrete, brick, wood slats, and bark.

Benches:  You will need potting benches, folding benches, and greenhouse shelving. These greenhouse supplies make a tremendous difference in the ease of gardening. They also add extra work space to your greenhouse. Benches make shady spots beneath them, an ideal environment for many plants. Greenhouse bench tops are designed to allow water to drain and air to flow through them.

Lighting:  Greenhouse supplies for artificial lighting may be needed if your growing area does not provide enough light. Grow lights are great for helping plants maintain healthy growth. You’ll also get increased sprouting success and faster growth.

You can also find additional greenhouse supplies that are helpful, such as plant hangars, sprinklers, misting wands, PVC fittings, even greenhouse insulation.

Greenhouse Kits...
Something For Every Budget!

With all of the greenhouse supplies you need, certainly you're wondering about the prices of greenhouse kits. We'll get you in the ballpark!

Mini Greenhouse Kits:  Mini greenhouse kits generally range in size from 2' x 1' to 5' x 3'. Prices usually run from $35 to $200.

Portable Greenhouse Kits:  Sizes of portable kits are usually 4' x 6' to 10' x 12'. Prices typically range from $30 to $300.

Permanent Greenhouse Kits:  Sizes can vary from 6' x 4' to 20' x 50'. The range in prices match the sizes, so you're looking at spending from $100 to $30,000! (and becoming a serious hobbyist, indeed!)

Organic Hydroponic Greenhouses are available everywhere. The hobbyist's kits sell for anywhere upwards of $200. You can also find more elaborate hydroponic growth chambers in the $3000 range.

The mini and portable greenhouse kits may not require all of the greenhouse supplies on the checklist... they are truly the most affordable way to learn greenhouse gardening!



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