Beware of Trees
Next To Foundations!

Often we find that trees next to foundations have been planted too close to a structure, whether it is the foundation of our house, barn, or shed. We learn the unfortunate lesson that during our lawn planning phase, we may not have carefully considered the right placement for planting new tree growth.

Planting new trees too close to a house is a common mistake. New trees that seem to be planted a safe distance from the house end up right "on top" of your home.

As trees mature they will grow 20 to 30 times larger, so it's easy to imagine the damage to structures and walkways, plus the expense and frustration to the homeowner.

Buying a New Home?
Check For Trees Next To Foundations!

  • Trees growing too near a house will eventually scrape against the house siding and windows, requiring premature maintenance and even replacement.
  • Falling limbs will also cause damage.
  • If allowed to grow tall enough, animals such as squirrels can scamper in from the higher limbs… which can lead to even more damage and unwanted "guests."
  • Tree limbs that overhang the roof make roof and gutter care much more difficult and cause drainage problems and wet basements.
  • Most of all, trees next to foundations impact your home with intense pressure on the foundation of the house. This can cause the ground-level and basement walls to bow and weaken.
  • Tree roots can actually grow under the foundation, causing uneven foundation settlements, resulting in cracks in the structure, and doors and windows to stick.

All these problems are quite costly to correct and are compounded by the expense and aggravation of removing the tree.


Trees Next To Foundations
Are 100% Preventable!

As you undertake planting a new tree anywhere near your home, know how tall and wide it's apt to grow. To prevent any of these scenarios from ever happening to you, here's a good rule of thumb to follow about planting trees next to foundations:

  • Most medium- or large-sized trees should be planted at least 30 to 50 feet from the house.

  • Small flowering trees and fruit trees are ideal for small lots. Plant them at least 8 feet from your home. They are also ideal beneath electric lines, as they won't interfere with the wires.

Check our list of tree types and avoid the pitfalls of trees next to foundations.  While it might be years before you realize an error in your tree planting calculations, correcting it will be a sure fate that can cost you a bundle!



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