Teak Garden Furniture...
The Natural Choice!

Teak garden furniture is known for the natural beauty of the teakwood. But there is a lot more to this wonderful wood than beauty! Teak's resistance against natural conditions is remarkable. Let's see why teak furniture is the ultimate choice for lawn and garden decor.


Exploring the Benefits of Teak

Today teak is acknowledged throughout the world as the ideal wood for marine use. The reason? Teak is naturally impervious to the effects of snow, ice, rain, sun, heat, cold, and humidity; it withstands weather better than any other wood. Teak also repels insects and fungus. Teak is one of the hardest, strongest and most durable of all timbers, and will not splinter.

This immensely stable wood has a high oil and rubber content, a 100% natural water repellent which makes it virtually immune to rotting. You can literally leave a piece of teak garden furniture outside and 50 years later it will not have rotted due to weather. That is one of the big reasons that teak wood is chosen for marine use such as yacht and ship decks.

So yes, it's a grand idea to keep teak lawn chair manufacturers in mind when choosing your lawn and garden decor! Think of teak garden furniture as a long term investment. You'll find that teak furniture includes everything you can imagine for your garden yard decor:

  • teak garden benches and seating

  • teak and mixed material chairs

  • teak and mixed material tables and sun loungers

  • steamer chairs

  • garden trellis or arbor

  • teak planters

  • dining and seating accessories

  • garden parasols and cushions

  • swimming pool furniture

Teak Garden Furniture
Weathers Beautifully...

season after season, and can be left untreated outside. No sealing, staining, or finishing. No matter where you live... teak furniture will not degrade like other woods. And that is without any preservatives whatsoever.

Teak is easy to care for - just clean with warm soapy water and a scrub brush, about twice a year. If you clean your teak garden furniture with a pressure washer, keep the pressure low and use a flat jet for the best results.

Teak is one of the best furniture investments you can make for your lawn and garden decor. Complement your teak garden furniture with an elegant garden trellis (often made of teakwood), or create atmosphere by adding easy-to-install garden fountains.


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